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  • About Us

    Founded in 2013, Shahe City School Jiu New Materials Co., LTD is located in Shahe City, Hebei Province, the city of glass in China. With a total investment of 400 million YUAN, the company has set up a scientific laboratory led by foreign scientists, integrating international leading new material development and development technology, hard plate surface processing technology design and industrial automation production line.

    The company uses its own intellectual property rights, references the international leading equipment, and develops hard plate products with broad application market and high added value, striving to build up the school of high-end hard plate products.

    In addition, the company adopts new surface coating technology and fine coating production line equipment, combines new nanotechnology products with traditional hard plate products, develops and produces multi-functional coated glass, coated metal, coated organic plate and other products. A series of scientific research achievements are widely used in flat solar energy engineering, glass curtain wall engineering, door and window manufacturing, automobile and aircraft industry, elevated road sound insulation fence construction, agricultural greenhouse construction and other fields.


    • Research and development Research and development It is a research and development experimental center with completely independent intellectual property rights. The center is equipped with self-developed fully automatic, fully enclosed, no waste gas, no waste environmental paint production line
    • Production base Production base The production base of 260,000 m2, 6000 square meters, fully enclosed, dust-proof workshop, independently developed advanced automatic SUNFORT glass coating production line, annual output of 2.6 million square meters of m2 m long-coated glass
    • Business cooperation Business cooperation Welcome the intention of business cooperation and win-win




    Address:No.329 Provincial Road, Shahe city, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, passes through the west side of No.14 Road
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